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Do you have an intuitive sense that marriage is supposed to be easier?

Does it feel like you're stuck in a cycle of misunderstandings and frustrations?

Do you feel hurt, angry, or resentful because of your husband's actions (or lack of them)?

Does your husband seem more interested in doing something else than spending time with you and your family?

Do you find yourself feeling like the only adult at home?

Do you feel exhausted and underappreciated?

Is your mind often racing at night with thoughts about your marriage, leaving you feeling restless and uncertain?

You are not alone.

As a Relationship Coach extensively trained by Laura Doyle, Author of The Empowered Wife, I can introduce you to some of the ways you can harness your femininity to foster peace, joy, and deep connection within your relationship... even if your husband is the one who needs to change. 

If you've been tirelessly working to improve things, you might be doing too much, carrying too heavy a load. Here, you're going to do less work, and the man in your life will grow and improve, even though he won't be working with me.

Instead of a home filled with tension and bickering, imagine shared laughter, hand-holding, impromptu dates, and dancing in the kitchen.

This vision might seem distant, but it's far from unattainable. It's a reality experienced by not just me, but countless women worldwide.



Esther Djmal
Certified Relationship Coach

I decided to become a Relationship Coach to spread the joy, the love, and the hope. Private coaching on Laura Doyle’s Six Intimacy Skills is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. I get to experience life with a whole new mindset of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment, and deep connections with, not only my husband, but all the people in my life.


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Free Relationship

Gain clarity and discover what's in the way of experiencing joy in your marriage. Take the first step to find out how to get the results you want. 

Thanks to Esther, my husband is now warm and affectionate, never hesitating to show me he loves and appreciates me.


Licensed Psychotherapist

Married 31 Years


Esther's warmth, empathy, and understanding were so healing. I left each call with a positive mindset and a clear takeaway to improve my marriage and my parenting skills!


Property Investor

Married 17 Years

She has a way of hearing the deepest areas of the pain that are not spoken without any criticism or judgement. I have my husband and best friend back. More importantly, I have found myself again!

— M.

Strategic Director

Married 28 Years


You are in the right place!

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